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Greenwood Street Bridge — Thief River Falls, MN

Structural Engineering

Our structural engineers have designed more than 250 bridges, including PPC beam, continuous slab, and composite steel girder design. We have designed bridges for 75% of Minnesota’s counties and are qualified as Minnesota Department of Transportation Bridge Consultants. We are also prequalified Consulting Engineers by the North Dakota Department of Transportation. Our structural team provides county engineers with recommendations for condition code revisions, structural rating revisions, load postings, and bridge replacement versus rehabilitation. In addition to bridges, we provide structural design of solid building foundations and superstructures using a variety of materials, including wood, concrete, masonry, and steel.

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Field Topo and Hydraulic Survey

WSN’s team of Land Surveyors will survey the road corridor and waterway in the vicinity of the bridge in preparation for the hydraulic analysis and bridge design. The survey will be based on the client’s coordinate systems and control will be set for use during construction.


Hydraulic Analysis, Scour Analysis, Risk Assessment

WSN’s Water Resource Engineers will analyze the watershed and waterway and determine the bridge size based on hydraulic requirements. Bridge and pier scour will also be determined for use in the substructure/piling design.


Permit Applications

We can complete the required permits in addition to Wetland Delineation Reports and Asbestos and Regulated Waste Reports in preparation for your bridge replacement project.


Preliminary and Final Bridge Design

Based on the field Topo Survey and Hydraulic Analysis we will design a new bridge that meets the hydraulic requirements and fits the project site. Bridge width will depend on traffic requirements and the client’s needs. Bridge type will depend on economics and what best fits the project site. Design will be based on latest AASHTO and MnDOT requirements.


Approach Design

Our engineers can provide construction plans for the approach work to tie the new bridge into the existing roadway surface. Plans will include erosion control, SWPPP, and detour layout.


Supporting Documentation

WSN will provide Engineers Estimates, Special Provisions, Agency Checklists, and Bridge Rating Forms for a complete package for submittal to State-Aid and for bidding your project.


Project Memorandum

If your bridge replacement project includes Federal Funding we can complete the project Memorandum Report per the federal funding requirements.


Bridge Rehabilitation

We've completed many projects that rehabilitate existing bridges to extend their service life for many years. We also complete bridge repair projects if a single element is reducing the use of the bridge. Feasibility reports are typically completed to determine if repairs, rehabs, or replacement structures are the most appropriate course of action.


Construction Observation and Contract Administration

Our team prepares construction contract documents and has provided construction observation and administration services on many bridge projects throughout Minnesota and North Dakota.


Bridge Inspections

Our licensed structural engineers conduct bridge inspections to determine the structural integrity of bridges. These inspections are conducted annually, or at the discretion of the bridge owner, and include thorough visual observations of existing conditions followed by a comprehensive load rating analysis.


Bridge Load Capacity Ratings

Our certified and experienced personnel perform load capacity ratings of new and existing bridges for states, counties, and municipalities. The load capacity ratings comply with the current National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) and follow the procedures outlined in Mn/DOT’s Bridge Capacity Rating Manual. Virtus software compatible with MnDOT is used for all rating projects.


New Building Structures

Our structural engineers will design an economical structure that fits the vision of the architect and the client. Structure types include steel, reinforced concrete, precast, masonry, and wood framing.


Construction Services for Buildings

We review contractor shop drawings for accuracy and completeness and provide periodic observations of construction to verify document specs are met.


Existing Buildings

WSN can analyze your existing building structure to determine structural capacity, load ratings, and feasibility for remodeling or repairing.