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Land Surveying

We provide land surveying services from eight locations, including Alexandria, Bemidji, Brainerd/Baxter, Crookston, East Grand Forks, Forest Lake, Grand Forks, and Rochester. We have extensive survey records from acquired firms, a very large library of private survey files, and we are familiar with the public survey records of Minnesota, North Dakota, and Nebraska. Our established client base includes both the public and private sectors. Our private-sector work ranges from single lots to subdivision plats and from construction staking to topographical surveys. Public sector work typically involves large GPS control projects, section subdivisions, monumentation, road and underground utility staking, and road surveys for reconstruction and bridge design. Our clients include MnDOT, the Department of Natural Resources, USDA Forest Service, and counties.

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ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys

Obtaining a land title survey is a critical step in protecting a property investment. We are well-versed in the preparation and certification of ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys for an array of property types, such as residential lots, commercial developments, wetland locations, municipal boundaries, wildlife management areas, and road right-of-ways.


Boundary Survey

We perform boundary surveys of residential lots, commercial developments, wetland locations, municipal boundaries, wildlife management areas, and road right-of-ways. Watch the video to learn how our survey crew helps Ducks Unlimited define their fishing tournament boundaries.



We work with our clients to identify appropriate site configurations to establish walkways and circulation, locate burial and cremation plots, place monuments at corners, and define open areas. Our surveyors prepare cemetery plats in accordance with state statutes and local regulations.


Construction Staking

Our team provides accurate location and elevations for the construction of public and private improvements. If you liked playing with Tonka trucks in the sandbox when you were a kid then this video is for you. Get a sneak peak of our land survey field crew performing construction staking at a street and utility project site.


County Surveyor

We use the expertise of our land survey and GIS teams to develop, update, and improve a county’s basemap, which serves as a basis for parcel and infrastructure mapping as well as a tool for future planning. We serve as the appointed surveyor in several counties, including Polk, Clearwater, and Lake of the Woods Counties. We are very familiar with the services that counties need and have experience working with various county staff members and departments.


Expert Witness Testimony

Boundary disputes are common when property exchanges hands. During a testimony our surveyors clearly describe the results of surveys, outline the methods used to reach specific conclusions, present exhibits and descriptions of difficult issues, and interpret legal jargon.


FAA Survey

We'll verify your parcel boundaries and those of your neighbors, identifying any encumbrances. Our surveyors will provide a Certificate of Survey, legal descriptions, and parcel reports.


FEMA Survey

Our surveyors use the information contained on FEMA maps and flood insurance studies to determine whether a property or building is located in a flood plain area. This is a critical step for owners purchasing new property and can have an impact on insurance rates or if flood insurance is even necessary. We complete all the necessary forms including elevation certificates and LOMA.


Geodetic Leveling

Widseth Smith Nolting’s land surveyors performed geodetic control surveying over 52 miles of MnDOT highways as part of the National Height Modernization Project. Our field crews performed geodetic leveling, which utilizes precise measuring equipment but also incorporates variable elements such as atmospheric pressure and temperature to achieve results that meet National Geodetic Survey (NGS) standards.


GIS Survey

The goal of GIS Surveys is to locate streets, signs, sewers, and other city infrastructure to help produce an accurate base map. Location and elevation information is recorded during fieldwork as well as detailed attributes about the features and conditions being evaluated.

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Hydrographic Surveying

Hydrographic Survey

Using high-tech equipment such as GPS and echo sounding systems, hydrographic surveyors map a variety of water bodies and determine the topography of the bottom, depth of the water, shorelines, and other characteristics. Our hydrographic surveyor—the only one certified in the state of Minnesota—has more than 15 years of experience providing these types of surveys.


Legal Descriptions

This type of work is most commonly done when property is subdivided or when it is necessary to correct an error or ambiguity in an existing description. Our team accurately locates easements and special features in addition to a description of the property boundary. This is typically done in conjunction with a boundary survey.


NRCS Survey

Our first step is to meet with the land owner and NRCS to perform a site walk. Then we review results, complete a boundary survey, prepare drawings, and place signs. To ensure maximum compensation for owners, an accurate survey that defines the conservation easement is critical.


Pipeline Survey

We identify and survey an existing pipeline, facility or proposed route, survey properties on the route, identify impacts, and prepare legal descriptions.



We prepare plats for all types of subdivisions—conventional lot/block division, common interest communities (townhomes, condominiums, cooperatives), and metes and bounds subdivisions.


Resort Surveying

When the owner of a resort is looking to expand their facilities or maximize their development potential a current survey is highly recommended. Our team begins by meeting with the owner(s) to discuss goals and long range planning. Then we get to work by performing an existing condition survey, density analysis, and review of local ordinances.


Right-of-Way Plat

We work with governmental entities to create new right-of-ways or convert and define existing right-of-ways.


Telecommunication Survey

Our land surveying team members have been providing telecommunication surveys in the Upper Midwest since 1999. Qualified in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota as well as Iowa and Wisconsin, we provide many services for the telecommunication industry.


Topographic Survey

Our team completes topographic surveys for a detailed analysis of the property to be used for future planning or permitting. A field crew visits the site to obtain vital information about existing conditions and limitations. The findings and results are transformed into a drawing used for development planning.


Tribal Survey

Indian native lands have unique survey issues and there are cultural and jurisdictional considerations that surveyors working in Indian Country must be aware of. Our surveying team includes certified federal surveyors, approved by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, who offer expertise for survey work performed on Indian trust lands as well as federal lands.