Whipple Beach
Improvements / Pavilions

Baxter, MN

A joint effort among the City of Baxter, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, and Crow Wing County, a reconstructed Whipple Beach was opened to the public after various renovations were completed. Improvements include utilities, a new pavilion with restrooms and outdoor showers, sidewalks, large playground areas, a newly paved parking lot, and reconstructed roadway approaching the facility. The program spaces include men’s and women’s restrooms with stainless-steel plumbing fixtures, a Parks Department office area designed to convert into a small concession area in the future, two outside rinse showers, and a mechanical chase facilitating service of the plumbing fixtures.

The park was designed to help create a unique identity for the community while blending the site into the surrounding neighborhood.Architectural elements—such as the cupola which provides natural ventilation—suggest a residential character for the municipal structure and help it blend into the surrounding neighborhood. Part of this project’s goal was to create a unique, prototype architecture and begin to define an identity for the community.

The construction materials for the 1,200 sq.ft. facility were selected for minimum maintenance, maximum durability, and vandal and graffiti resistance. Because facility use is seasonal and it will be closed during the winter months, costly mechanical heating and ventilation systems were eliminated, and construction was simplified.