Crookston HS Tennis Courts

Crookston, MN

The new eight-court tennis complex at Crookston High School offers expanded opportunities for the school district and community. The four two-court batteries permit spectator views from the sides of all eight courts. The unique fence design between batteries allows access for ball retrieval while angled corners deflect wide shots back toward the player’s court.

Project highlights and special features:

  • Careful consideration was given to drainage of the courts (from side to side) so that players are hitting from the same elevation on both sides of the net.
  • The bituminous surface was strategically saw-cut into smaller sections to control random cracking.
  • A windscreen was included in the project because the courts are in an area with no other natural protection from strong winds. Conduit was placed under the pavement in anticipation of future lighting and power receptacles.
  • Tennis net cord winders are pre-set to tension the cords no more than is required, and will release tension if someone attempts to pull down on the net cord.
  • Net posts are removable for winter storage, and are set in sleeves when in use.
  • Fence and net posts are air-driven deep into the ground, rather than set in concrete that will be pushed up by seasonal frost.