Crookston Sports Center

Crookston, MN

The Crookston community envisioned a facility that would offer a variety of activities and services. Several groups worked together to plan a multi-functional community center that did not compete with businesses or services already provided in the community. Cognizant, however, of the funding available, the stakeholders pared the project to the most critical needs of the community. Facing the loss of two existing ice arenas as a result of a flood mitigation project, ice sheets were determined to be the highest priority for the community. We developed a design for an 87,000 square foot building that includes three sheets of ice and 1,200 seats in the event arena.

Because the project was the recipient of funds from the State of Minnesota, it is designed to meet B3 State of Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines (B3-MSBG) requirements.

Electrical Systems

  • Power distribution is provided through an integrated switchboard containing transformers and panelboards.
  • The building is supported by an emergency generator to provide life safety and standby power to essential equipment.
  • We reduced the building’s lighting power consumption beyond the requirements of ASHRAE 90.1. This was achieved by providing fluorescent lighting throughout the building, including fluorescent high bay fixtures over the ice areas.
  • The building utilizes a voice evacuation fire alarm system, sound system, and a network that includes wireless access throughout the stands and viewing areas.
  • Access control and CCTV cameras provide security throughout the building.