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BSU Chet Anderson Stadium Artificial Turf — Bemidji, MN

Architecture & Engineering for Stadium & Park Design

WSN’s architects & engineers in MN & ND design stadiums, ball fields, arenas, gyms, field houses, and parks. From armchair quarterbacks to triathletes, from weekend warriors to marathoners and beyond, our team members don’t just understand these projects from a professional perspective—they know the needs of the athletes and the spectators in addition to the design requirements of the fields, surfaces, and structures where they compete.

We Know Sports

WSN has worked on an array of sports fields, complexes, and stadiums. We have done everything from large scale master plans that include many fields and structures to modest designs for bleachers and field improvements. Hockey, track, baseball, and more — we know sports. (1:33)



Arena, Gym & Field House Design

There’s nothing like playing on your home court in front of your own fans. Home field advantage is something all teams thrive on. Our architects & engineers will work with you to develop a facility that is catered specifically to your team, your school, and your community. We want you to win.

Featured Projects

Athletic Field & Surface Design

Sports bring people together for competition and recreation. The fields and surfaces we play on have a direct impact on our performance. Proper material selections, drainage systems, and sport-specific sub-grades all play a vital role in the overall quality of an athletic surface. Our architects and engineers will make sure your project is as tough and durable as the athletes it hosts.

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Featured Projects


Carlos Baseball Field Improvements

WSN is helping the Carlos Baseball Association with improvements to their field and design options for future development across the street. Youth fields, a new parking lot, and a multi-sport surface are being considered. (1:59)


Park Design

Spending a sunny afternoon in a well-designed park is good for the soul. Our architects and engineers create places to run, walk, sit, and play that blend within the surroundings. We have experience with many park area improvement projects, ranging from new pavilions and shelters to utility upgrades and park entrances.

Featured Projects