Specialty Products & Technology, Inc.

Fosston, MN

Pre-cast concrete was used extensively in this 12,000 sq.ft. facility, which is used to dry molasses and honey then package and ship it to bakeries and other processed-food industries. Although chosen for its suitability for use in food-grade facilities, durability, cost-effectiveness, and low-maintenance are additional advantages of pre-cast concrete as a building material.

Using pre-cast concrete walls also helped the team meet a very demanding schedule. Although the original plan called for renovation, the team quickly began working on designs for a new facility when the existing building became unavailable one month into the project. The architectural team and the pre-cast concrete manufacturer worked concurrently to speed up the project’s timetable. The time span from the initial call from the owner (Specialty Products & Technology, Inc.) to an operational plant was less than four months.