Aagard Group, LLC

Alexandria, MN

WSN has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Aagard Group located in Alexandria, Minnesota. A manufacturer that focuses on packaging solutions, Aagard has been in business since 1997 and as they have grown, so have their facility needs.

WSN has worked with Aagard on a number of renovations, additions, and site designs. The first addition included 24,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space and 4,800 sq. ft. for a storage mezzanine.

The second addition consisted of 31,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing area; and 4,600 sq. ft. of space that included a conference room, accessible toilets, coat storage, and an elevator. The second addition also houses a new 4,800 sq. ft. open office area on the mezzanine level.

WSN is proud to have been with Aagard through every step, leap, and bound.