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Building & Site Design for Manufacturing Facilities and Industrial Parks

WSN’s architects & engineers in MN & ND design manufacturing facilities and industrial parks. While efficiency and functionality are paramount to the planning and design of industrial parks and facilities, we go beyond these essentials to create quality spaces where people can work efficiently and interact comfortably. Our team’s considerable background ranges from projects valued at $1,000 to more than $300 million.

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Manufacturing Facility Design

WSN’s architects and engineers have a broad background in designing industrial and manufacturing facilities. Our range of experience emphasizes the principle that each client’s needs are unique and each facility we design is an expression of meeting those needs. Design considerations include site adaptation, traffic patterns, OSHA and code requirements, industrial versus office space, freight and packaging areas, environmental controls, interior and exterior lighting, security, and green space.

Featured Projects


Douglas Machine Campus Improvements Video

This video illustrates how our architects and engineers devised solutions for Douglas Machine that would increase safety, flexibility, and efficiency, promote corporate identity, and capitalize on site opportunities. (4:12)


Industrial Park Design

We have assisted more than 20 communities in the development of successful industrial parks. Our civil engineers will create feasibility studies, assist with right of way acquisitions, design roadways, water, sewer, and storm sewer extensions, and also provide construction administration. In addition to our primary services we also offer surveying, plotting, and grant assistance for funding.

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Featured Projects


Industrial Park Layout and Design Video

This video highlights key elements to consider when planning for an industrial park. (2:20)