North Koochiching Area Sanitary District

International Falls, Ranier, and the East Koochiching Sanitary District, MN

The North Koochiching Area Sanitary District (NKASD) is an area of northern MN consisting of about 9,000 people in about 3,650 households. The mechanical NKASD Wastewater Treatment Facility utilizes the trickling filter process. The original plant was constructed in the 1950’s and a major upgrade was completed in 1986. A chlorination and dechlorination system was added a few years later. The NKASD Wastewater Treatment Facility is over 20 years old and needs to meet a mercury limit. In the near future, the plant will most likely need to meet a phosphorus limit as well. The portion of the treatment plant remaining from the 1950’s is in very poor condition and needs to be replaced. In addition to the above improvements, improvements are needed at the flow equalization system and also in the NKASD’s portion of the collection system.

The proposed improvements include: numerous lift station upgrades; wastewater stabilization pond improvements; flow equalization structure improvements; a screening and pump station at flow equalization structure; preliminary treatment; new treatment train including clarifiers, trickling filter, and solids contact process; biosolids thickening and storage; existing trickling filter modifications; HVAC improvements; anaerobic digester improvements; miscellaneous plant improvements; and filters for mercury and phosphorus removal.

WSN was able to achieve $15,038,300 in funding for this project.

  • Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Grant = $1,350,000
  • Principal Forgiveness = $1,158,000
  • Wastewater Infrastructure Fund (WIF) = $1,498,500
  • Clean Water Revolving Fund (CWRF) = $11,031,800