North Ottawa Impoundment

Tintah, MN

Completed in the spring of 2010, this flood control and natural resource enhancement project for the Bois de Sioux Watershed District was funded by local, state, and federal dollars.

The primary purpose of the North Ottawa Impoundment Project is to provide flood relief on Judicial Ditch 2 (JD2), Judicial Ditch 12 (JD12), Rabbit River, Bois de Sioux River, and the Red River of the North. Secondary goals include wildlife management, stream flow augmentation, water quality enhancement, and public recreation.

Located on JD2 and JD12 drainage systems, the North Ottawa Impoundment project empties into the Rabbit River about five miles and 10 miles downstream, respectively.

The impoundment provides flood relief by controlling outflows so they do not contribute to flood damages downstream. In general, gates are closed during any downstream flood event and reopened after the flood at a rate that will not cause downstream damages. The downstream areas of concern include land and communities adjacent to the local ditch systems, the Rabbit River, the Bois de Sioux River, and the Red River.