Conifer Estates

Bemidji, MN

Bemidji’s community was in need of long-term transitional housing. This residential development includes 20 dwelling units divided among five buildings of four units each. Each building has one single-bedroom unit (880 sq.ft.), one two-bedroom unit (1,075 sq.ft.), and two three-bedroom units (1,720 sq.ft. each). The development offers several amenities, including playground and basketball court, gravel bicycle trail which connects to existing trails, administration building with a community room and outdoor gathering space, and maintenance garage with room for storage.

Resembling townhomes in architectural layout and building form, attention is focused on curb appeal to make the development attractive in the surrounding community.

The development is also designed to comply with Green Communities Criteria, including such features as:

  • Establishing connections to surrounding development and services
  • Taking advantage of passive solar heating and cooling methods
  • Improving landscaping and surface water management
  • Using water conserving and energy efficient devices
  • Using low maintenance and highly durable products and construction methods