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Architecture & Engineering for Housing Projects

WSN’s architects & engineers in MN & ND design housing for senior living facilities, multi-family apartments & single-family residential homes. Our approach is as varied as our clients. Design is an interactive process between the owner and architect, and our focus is on exploring and meeting our clients’ needs.


Senior Living Design

Care environment providers strive to offer nurturing, thoughtful, quality care and services to their residents, and their facilities must reflect this commitment. Widseth Smith Nolting is committed to being actively involved in the design of housing facilities, including independent living, assisted living, and long-term care.

From renovations to new construction, WSN has completed many projects for non-profit, private, and public care providers and housing authorities. Design of such facilities requires specific knowledge of current trends in care environments. WSN's architects and engineers are well-versed in the industry’s issues (e.g., sensory stimulation, dementia, dysphagia, bariatrics, quality of life, home-like atmosphere); trends in construction technology (e.g., green buildings, sustainability, indoor air quality, geothermal vs. traditional heating and cooling systems, hard wired vs. wireless internet, security, and high-tech monitoring of residents); and, of course, the requisite state and local building codes.

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HRA Facility Design

WSN has experience working with Housing and Redevelopment Authorities (HRAs). Our architects and engineers have consistently completed these projects on time and on budget, helping to create safe and attractive living environments for our communities. Our scope of services in this area includes interior and exterior remodeling; apartment updates; additions; new building units; accessibility upgrades; comprehensive renovation/construction studies; and coordination of HRA funding during planning, design, fundraising, and construction stages.

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Multi-Family Residential Design

WSN’s work with developers and investors helps to create safe and attractive living environments for our communities. The scope of services provided by our architects and engineers includes interior and exterior remodeling; new building units and unit updates; additions; accessibility upgrades; comprehensive renovation or new construction studies; and coordination of funding during planning, design, fundraising, and construction stages.

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Single Family Residential Design

WSN's architects and engineers listen to our clients and translate their visions, hopes, dreams into design solutions. Throughout the process, we seek to capture each client’s unique personality and infuse it into their new home. Considerations during this process include outdoor and recreational needs, site development, entry and arrival, traffic patterns, family versus private space, environmental controls, creative lighting, and security.

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