Douglas County Public Works Facility

Alexandria, MN

The $6.8 million Douglas County Public Works Facility campus is comprised of office (11,130 sq.ft.), vehicle storage (27,360 sq.ft. with 2,085 sq.ft. mezzanine), maintenance (11,600 sq.ft. with 2,130 sq.ft. mezzanine), cold storage (4,000 sq.ft.), four-pump fueling station, and future sand/salt storage (5,600 sq.ft.).

The office area includes individual offices for department heads and an open office area for technical staff. A 2,000-sq.ft. multi-use meeting space includes a separate entrance to accommodate use by any county department. The vehicle storage area includes a mezzanine and built-in storage shelves. The maintenance area includes storage mezzanine, overhead crane system, vehicle lifts, and an enclosed wash bay. An emergency/standby generator was included to provide emergency lighting and standby power for critical operations.