Staples City Hall & Library

Staples, MN

At approximately 9,600 sq.ft., this facility includes city offices, the council chamber, and public library. The community was successful in receiving a $420,000 grant from the Minnesota Department of Education. Designed to be 30 percent more efficient than the current building code, the facility meets the B3–Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines (B3-MSBG) and the Minnesota Sustainable Building 2030 (SB 2030) program.

Sustainable site design features include native and drought tolerant landscaping and a parking lot constructed of pervious asphalt pavement, which allows runoff to filter through. Exterior windows are outfitted with sunshades to block direct sunlight during the summer months while tubular skylights bring natural light into the central area of the building. Interior finishes constructed of recycled materials and low VOC adhesives improve the indoor air quality.

The interior lighting includes a daylight harvesting system which adjusts the light levels based on the amount of sunlight entering the building. Occupancy sensors automatically turn lights off in unoccupied rooms to reduce energy use.

The HVAC system consists of air handling units, energy recovery ventilation, and variable air volume terminal units. The building also includes a radon ventilation system which collects the radon below the floor and exhausts it through the roof where it can dissipate harmlessly.