Staples City Hall & Library — Staples, MN

Architecture & Engineering for Government Facilities 

WSN’s architects & engineers in MN & ND design government facilities such as city halls, courthouses, fire stations, maintenance facilities, and airports. Our team of professionals has provided services to government entities at all levels—federal, state, county, municipal, and township. Drawing on their specialized expertise and knowledge, our architects and engineers create environments that are functional, secure, and a solid investment for your community.

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City Hall, Courthouse & Gov. Center Design

WSN's architects and engineers have designed numerous city hall, courthouse, and government center projects. We're familiar with the design standards and trends for these unique facilities.

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Public Safety Design

Creating appropriate spaces to serve the public and structures that respond well to the environment and surroundings within communities is essential. Our buildings are designed to resist failures and maintain all safety requirements. Each site is distinctive, which is why our architects thoughtfully approach every project with fresh eyes and new ideas.

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Featured Projects

Maintenance Facility Design

Our architects and engineers will consider site adaptation, traffic patterns, code requirements, storage, environmental controls, green space, and more to design a facility that meets all industry standards and creates a sense of admiration upon arrival.

Featured Projects

Airport Design

Our engineers have worked on more than a dozen airport designs for municipalities across the state. We specialize in layout plans, fuel facilities and spill prevention, runway design and reconstruction, environmental impact assessments, stormwater pollution and prevention plans, T-hangars and maintenance hangars, and arrival/departure buildings.

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