Crow Wing County Solid Waste Landfill

Brainerd, MN

Our scientists provide environmental sampling services for Crow Wing County at the county landfill site located six miles east of Brainerd, Minnesota, on Highway 210. The Crow Wing County landfill was the first Subtitle D landfill permitted in Minnesota. Our environmental technicians are responsible for the collection of groundwater samples from the 41 monitoring wells associated with the county’s three solid waste landfills. The depth of the monitoring wells range between 20 and 149 feet. The majority of the monitoring wells are sampled using our QED Sample Pro micro purge bladder pump. 

Our sampling staff is also responsible for the quarterly collection of samples from the landfill’s leachate treatment system. The leachate system includes four treatment ponds, two side slope risers, and a leachate manhole. Periodically, our environmental technicians collect surface water samples from the adjacent wetlands and composite soil samples from the leachate land application site.

Regardless of the medium being sampled, we are required to assure the proper sampling protocol is followed during sample collection. The sampling protocol may include all or part of the following: accurate well stabilization, equipment decontamination between sampling points, sample container selection, sample preservation, and adequate written documentation.