St. Mary's School Addition and Remodel

Alexandria, MN

St. Mary’s Parish undertook this remodeling and addition project to add needed office space and increase classroom sizes to meet state recommendations. Remodeling of the existing school involved gutting the interior and adding all new finishes, windows, and mechanical and electrical systems. Besides classroom space, the addition includes school offices, a conference room, break room, work room, and media center. A new wing houses parish offices, which had been located in the rectory basement. The exterior design utilizes two brick textures, one which closely matches the finish on the existing building and a contrasting one which is used to help with massing and keeps the “matching” old and new bricks from meeting.

Nearly doubling its existing space, St. Mary’s Education Center now accommodates 200 students in kindergarten through grade 6. Bright colors and abundant windows enliven the classrooms and common spaces, while icons and statuary incorporated throughout the school underscore the Catholic faith-based educational goals of St. Mary’s Parish.

Project Highlights

  • New space houses classrooms (17,300 sq.ft.) and parish offices (6,000 sq.ft.)
  • Handicapped-accessible lobby links the existing church and school
  • Expanded school stair area
  • Kitchen and assembly area
  • Remodeled 25,000 sq.ft. of the existing school
  • Serves 200 students as well as religious education for 1,200 youth