Woodland Lodge Reconstruction, Turtle River State Park

Arvilla, ND

The historic lodge, which was built 1937–1940 by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), flooded in June 2000 when the Turtle River overflowed after a heavy rainstorm. Floodwater eroded the fill under part of the 3,500 sq.ft. lodge—twisting it, heaving the maple floor, and separating the wall and roof from a massive fireplace on the south wing. WSN studied the historic building and provided several options for repair but determined the best course was to disassemble the building piece by piece and rebuild on a nearby site. Moving the fireplace was not feasible; it was replicated using rock from the same quarry from which the original was built. The entire structure was restored in an historically accurate and sympathetic manner, truer to its original construction than just before the flood, and consistent with the requirements of the State Historical Society, FEMA, and the Parks and Recreation Department.

The reconstruction project received an award from the American Institute of Architect’s North Dakota Chapter, recognizing “the talent and capabilities of the architect and their achievement in the design of structures that fulfill the necessary qualifications of beauty, function and strength and lend themselves to the beautification of the entire community.”