Planetarium at Forestview Middle School

Baxter, MN

Not many people get the opportunity to travel through space, exploring the vast, ever-expanding universe. Astronauts have traveled to the moon and back—which is a very short trip, relatively speaking—compared to other destinations in our galaxy. What if you could explore the universe from a single classroom? You could fly to Pluto and back in a couple minutes, then head over to Saturn, and be back in time for lunch. Planetariums can provide students with the opportunity to do just that, and they allow teachers the ability to utilize infinite learning possibilities.

Without a planetarium, a trip to Pluto would take more than nine years at approximately 38,000 miles-per-hour. The New Horizons spacecraft, which is not carrying any astronauts, recently came within about 8,000 miles of Pluto, the dwarf planet, some three billion miles away. New Horizons sent back photos of Pluto, which will help scientists learn more about the former ninth planet of our solar system.

The Planetarium at Forestview Middle School has allowed students, teachers, and members of the community to explore the universe for the past 10 years. Watch the video below to learn how teachers are using the planetarium, the impact it has on students, and how a unique space like this can set your school apart from others.

WSN provided architecture, engineering, land surveying, and environmental services on the 340,000-square-foot middle school, which opened in 2005. 


An Out-of-this-World Learning Experience: The Planetarium at Forestview Middle School

Discover how the Planetarium at Forestview Middle School engages students and provides a one-of-a-kind teaching resource. (5:16)