Bill's Gun Shop & Range

Baxter, MN

The 20,000 sq.ft. Bill's Gun Shop & Range is a state of the art facility located in the Brainerd Lakes Area. The building now occupies what was once home to Paul Bunyan Bowl and Babe's Restaurant & Lounge. WSN performed an ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey for the development of this project. ALTA surveys identify property boundaries, visible site improvements (buildings, structures, fences, utility lines, trails, paths, roads, etc.), access points, and recorded easements associated with the property.

Firearm and archery enthusiasts will now enjoy a 50 yard live fire range with 10 lanes, 30 yard archery range with 7 lanes, pro shop, multi-purpose classroom, and coffee bar lounge. The live fire range provides an ideal environment for visitors to safely train year-round. The surrounding walls in the range are specifically designed for 100% ballistic containment.

A significant mechanical feature in the range is the full-height plenum wall, which spans the entire width of the shooting lanes. The roof mounted air handler supplies air at a rate of 25,000 cubic feet per minute to the plenum behind the perforated metal wall. Once the air pressurizes the plenum space behind the wall it is forced through multiple 3/8 in. diameter holes in the perforated stainless steel panels.

The small holes in the panels provide an evenly distributed laminar airflow down the entire cross-section of the range. This is crucial to shooting range design as it eliminates small air current eddies, which may cause partially vaporized lead particulate and gun powder to swirl back into the shooters face or into the adjacent booth. The plenum wall provides shooters with a safe, fun, and comfortable environment.

The multi-purpose classroom is designed to host many different activities. It has multiple TV screens and an overhead projector for presentations.