Thompson Bridge

Grand Forks County, ND

Before the 69-year-old Thompson Bridge could be demolished and replaced, a hazardous materials inspection was required. WSN’s staff performed the inspection and reported the results to the Polk County Highway Department. 

The inspection included mobilization to the site, visual inspection of the bridge for suspect materials, and subsequent sampling of these materials for laboratory analysis of asbestos and lead-based paint. Upon receipt of the laboratory analyses, we completed an inspection report to document sample results, sample collection locations, relevant observations made during the inspection, and to present the certifications and accreditations of the inspector and laboratory.

The new 12-span continuous steel beam bridge (60561) over the Red River of the North connects Polk County, MN, and Grand Forks County, ND. WSN completed the bridge design and hydraulics for this project which replaced the older, deficient bridge that had overtopped during several spring floods. The new bridge was designed to pass a flood 25% larger than the 100-year event. The bridge design consists of five lines of welded plate girders, 43’-4” bridge deck, and concrete substructure on steel H-piles. A continuous and cantilevered steel beam structure, the new bridge totals 1,115 feet in length, configured and sited for flood proofing through a 100-year flood event. The design also addresses soil stability issues prevalent in the Red River Valley. WSN completed the entire project development and permit aquisition process for the Polk County Highway Department. This project has been funded largely by ARRA sources in Minnesota and North Dakota.