Channel Park Fishing Boardwalk

Breezy Point, MN

The Breezy Point Parks and Recreation Board wanted to create a public place for people to fish. Since public fishing was scarce, anglers had been dropping their lines in a channel near a small bridge on the west side of Pelican Lake. There were some safety concerns with pedestrians crossing the road and walking down the embankment, therefore, new sites along the channel were investigated.

WSN assisted and advised as the city went through the process, which included purchasing the selected property, creating design concepts, and soliciting bids from contractors. WSN produced a final rendering of the boardwalk for the city to use in their funding efforts, which helped the project go from a dream to reality. 


WSN design hooks donors: Breezy Point fishing boardwalk becomes reality

Learn how a WSN rendering helped make the Channel Park Fishing Boardwalk a reality for the City of Breezy Point. (3:14)