Diamond Lake Road Bridge — Minneapolis, MN

Vehicular & Trail Bridge Design, Inspection, and Analysis

WSN’s structural engineers design vehicular and trail bridges for cities and counties in Minnesota and North Dakota. Our structural engineers have designed award-winning structures that range from small piers and boardwalks to major river crossings and railroad bridges. Balancing functionality, efficiency, safety, and aesthetics, our bridge team has designed more than 250 bridges, including spans for 75% of Minnesota’s counties. We are qualified as Bridge Consultants by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, and we are prequalified Consulting Engineers by the North Dakota Department of Transportation. For existing structures, our team provides recommendations for condition code revisions, structural rating revisions, load postings, and bridge replacement versus rehabilitation. 


Vehicular Bridge Design

Widseth Smith Nolting has designed hundreds of vehicular bridges across Minnesota and North Dakota. Our award-winning designs ensure safe, efficient travel that can stand up to harsh weather conditions and heavy traffic volumes. In addition to bridge design, WSN's structural engineers provide hydraulic analysis, scour analysis, bridge inspections, permit applications, load capacity ratings, and construction observation and administration.

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Pedestrian &Trail Bridge Design

Snowmobiling, walking, running, and biking are just some of the ways people get out and enjoy the great outdoors across the Midwest. WSN's structural engineers have designed numerous pedestrian and trail bridges, including multiple projects along the Paul Bunyan Trail, that provide a safe recreational experience for all users.

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Pier & Boardwalk Design

It's hard to beat a warm summer day, bucket of minnows, and a comfortable chair on a lake, river, or stream. WSN’s structural engineers have designed durable pier and boardwalk structures in MN and ND that blend into the surrounding landscape and provide the perfect setting to fish, read a book, or get a sun tan.

Featured Projects