WSN can help you receive grants through your Water Supply Plan

This fall, your community will be required to submit a Water Supply Plan. View the list of cities with an October 2018 deadline. These plans are required to be updated every 10 years for all water suppliers that serve 1,000 or more people, and all suppliers within the seven-county metro area regardless the number of people served. These plans ensure your community is maximizing its conservation efforts, is prepared in the event of a water emergency, and is eligible for source water grants from the State of Minnesota to help improve your water supply.

One grant available for communities who have submitted their 2018 Water Supply Plan is the Source Water Protection Plan Implementation Grant. This grant is available to communities who have submitted an up-to-date Water Supply Plan, and who have a current Minnesota Department of Health-approved Wellhead Protection Plan or MDH-endorsed intake protection plan. This grant can award your community up to $10,000 to help implement your source water protection plan.

WSN can help create and submit your Water Supply Plan, ensuring that you are eligible to receive this grant money.

To learn more about how WSN can help you submit your Water Supply Plan, please contact WSN’s Director of Environmental Services Brian Ross, PG, at or 218-316-3628.