Widseth Smith Nolting Rebrands as WIDSETH: New Website Coming Soon

There’s no denying life has been shaken in the past weeks. There remain many unknowns, but one thing we firmly believe is that this is temporary.

Several months ago, our leadership team undertook a major redesign of our brand. About eight weeks ago we set in motion some processes that couldn’t be reversed, one of which culminated in an automated switchover of our website and email addresses on April 8. While the timing is not ideal, and our focus has shifted to ensuring our clients and staff stay safe and our projects remain on track, the transition is underway.

In the coming days you will see our new look as we begin doing business as, simply, Widseth. Our name may be shorter, but we are carrying on our long history of serving our clients throughout the Upper Midwest.

We look forward to seeing you all on the other side of this.

The Research, Thought, and Science Behind the Change

We visited with and surveyed clients, colleagues, and community members over the course of about three years, and a few things kept coming to the surface. People perceive our firm as solid, agile, versatile, reputable, and responsive, and—it turns out—they frequently save a few tongue-twisting syllables and refer to us as just Widseth.

Our new logotype reflects what we learned while giving our image a creative, contemporary, and thoughtful update. You’ll begin seeing our trucks, advertisements, signage, and much more bearing our new logotype:

The typeface is robust yet grounded, while the simple, clean lines are contemporary and straightforward. The lowercase “i” not only provides a pronunciation cue but also incorporates an iconic square—the building block for so much of what we do, from plans drawn on a grid to aerial maps based on pixels per inch. The blue is associated with depth, expertise, and stability, while green symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility.

Together, the colors represent everything our work touches—land, water, air—as well as the array of services we provide: architecture; civil, electrical, mechanical, and structural engineering; planning; GIS; land surveying; landscape design; environmental services; electric transmission and distribution design; water resources; geospatial services; interior design; funding research and administration; and digital communications.

We honor our storied past and esteem our founders, Dick Widseth, Howard Smith, and Don Nolting, while we continue to move the firm forward.

Our email addresses will change effective Wednesday, April 8, 2020. If your contact at Widseth is, for example, Kevin.Donnay@wsn.us.com, it will now be Kevin.Donnay@widseth.com. Very simple. Please update your Contacts/Address Book accordingly.