Up to 100% Matching Funds on Playgrounds

  1. Name of the Organization Providing the Grant:
    • Minnesota Wisconsin Playground and GameTime
  2. Grant Name:
    • GameTime Playground Grant
  3. Short Description:
    • Minnesota Wisconsin Playground has teamed up with GameTime, a commercial playground equipment manufacturer, to offer promotions that offer savings on new playground equipment, whether it’s freestanding equipment or a full play system.
  4. Who’s Eligible:
    • Anyone is eligible for this grant, but GameTime grants can only be applied to additional GameTime purchases and only in conjunction with the original purchase.
  5. What It’s For:
    • The Minnesota Wisconsin Playground and GameTime 2019 Playground Grant matches funds for new playgrounds in various communities. These playgrounds are intended to help communities bring play to more children and their families.
  6. Type of Funding:
    • This funding assistance is provided through a grant. Minnesota Wisconsin Playground and GameTime set aside significant funds to match the cost of eligible playground systems. They are offering up to 100% matching funds on qualifying playgrounds.
  7. Application Process and Deadline:
    • Simply fill out the online application here or download the application here and submit it to grant@gametime.com. You can also fax your application to 423-648-5902.
    • Applications are accepted now through Wednesday, October 30, 2019.
  8. Resources:

Contact senior funding specialist Pat Conroy at Pat.Conroy@wsn.us.com or 218-770-5956 if you have any questions about your grant application.