THE DIRT PILE SERIES: Tying into the grid. Episode 5 — Public Infrastructure

The 40-acre site of the new Mills Fleet Farm store in Hermantown, MN, has changed dramatically over the past 12 months. The large hill has been reshaped, multiple buildings erected, roads constructed and modified, utilities installed, and a new traffic signal added.

The new store is situated between Westberg Road and Loberg Avenue in the heart of the Hermantown Marketplace. The development of this site presented an ideal opportunity for the City of Hermantown to connect Westberg to Loberg by constructing Market Street, which borders the north end of the project. This vital link will give residents north and west of the Fleet Farm site multiple options to access the store and the rest of the Marketplace. The new traffic signal at the intersection of Market Street and Loberg Avenue will ensure safe navigation of the busy new intersection.

The city also took advantage of the opportunity to improve their water system by installing new watermains below Market Street and Westberg Road, which was reconstructed and lowered by about 10 feet.

There’s no substitute for experience — Widseth Smith Nolting provides the complete package from beginning to end. Stay tuned for the final episode of THE DIRT PILE SERIES, Episode 6 — Opening Day, coming soon.