THE DIRT PILE SERIES: Experience a large construction project in a whole new way. Episode 1 — Site & Utilities

This video provides a glimpse into the early stages of the Mills Fleet Farm store in Hermantown, MN. This is the first episode in a series that will give you a front row seat at each stage of the project, from giant piles of dirt to the first customer walking through the front door.

Our staff explain in detail what’s involved in the design and construction of a 180,000 square foot retail store, convenience store, car wash, and gas station on 40 acres of land that drops 70 feet in elevation from one end to the other. Experience a construction site in a whole new way with aerial views and clips from down in the trenches. As you will see, there’s no substitute for experience.

Stay tuned for future episodes between now and August 2016, when the store officially opens.