Submit your Water Supply Plan, protect your community’s drinking water.

This October, your community may be required to submit a Water Supply Plan. View the list of cities with an October 2018 deadline. The goal in submitting this plan is to help communities create sustainable water conservation strategies and create a plan in the event of a water emergency. By taking a proactive approach in completing your Water Supply Plan, you can protect your water supply and promote the vitality of your community.

By submitting your Water Supply Plan on time, you will not only stay in accordance with Minnesota State Law, but it will also:

  • Ensure your community’s eligibility for funding through government grants and loans to improve or protect your water system.
  • Enable you to submit requests to improve, expand, or create new wells in your community.
  • Help develop critical emergency preparedness measures.
  • Identify if your community is losing water, or if water theft is occurring.
  • Help implement long-term water sustainability and conservation measures.
  • Show you how well your water system is performing.

Overall, the plan is a great tool for cities and provides continuity of information for the State of Minnesota. Here at WSN, we believe your community’s Water Supply Plan is a priority, and we are ready to help you prepare and submit your 2018 Water Supply Plan.

To learn more about how WSN can help you submit your Water Supply Plan, please contact WSN’s Director of Environmental Services Brian Ross, PG, at or 218-316-3628.