Get a head start on your Water Supply Plan due in October

Every 10 years, all water suppliers that serve more than 1,000 Minnesotans, and all suppliers within the seven-county metro area regardless of the number of people served, are required to submit a Water Supply Plan to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. This October, you may be required to submit an updated plan. View the list of cities with an October 2018 deadline. By submitting your community’s plan, you are taking a proactive step in ensuring high quality and sustainable drinking water for your residents for years to come.

Failure to submit may cause your community to lose eligibility for funding opportunities that could improve well protection, prevent your community from permitting alterations or enhancements to your water system, and most importantly could leave your community vulnerable in the event of a water emergency.

Protect your community’s water by completing your 2018 Water Supply Plan. Widseth Smith Nolting (WSN) is an engineering, architecture, land surveying and environmental services firm that has successfully completed Water Supply Plans for several Minnesota communities.

To learn more about how WSN can help you submit your Water Supply Plan, please contact WSN’s Director of Environmental Services Brian Ross, PG, at or 218-316-3628.