Check out this cool animation for the Crosslake Community School project

Long before the first hour bell rings through the halls of the Crosslake Community School’s new building, students, staff, and community members have been given the opportunity to catch a firsthand glimpse of what the school will have to offer. 

The school has been planning a new facility for years; however, like most school projects, funding is one of the last obstacles to turning those plans into a reality. As a charter school, Crosslake’s hurdle is even higher. Receiving less per-pupil dollars than traditional public schools and unable to levy property taxes, charter schools must rely on other forms of funding: namely fundraising.

To help the school in their efforts, Widseth Smith Nolting produced a video highlighting a virtual tour of the proposed facilities allowing stakeholders to take a morning stroll through the school long before it is built. Anna, the 11-year-old tour guide, leads visitors through the hallways pointing out some of the school’s features, thereby helping people visualize the final, community-based project before a shovel hits the ground.