Challenge Academy students get a taste of architecture, engineering, and land surveying

Juergen Brunkhorst (back, middle) and Greg Bohl (back, right) pose with Challenge Academy students at a job site in Alexandria.

Architect Greg Bohl and land surveyor Juergen Brunkhorst recently had the opportunity to spend some time with Alexandria’s Challenge Academy students to introduce them to careers in their respective fields.

The Challenge Academy program is designed to address the special needs of gifted/high potential students. Greg shared his passion for architecture and showed the students drawings and models of some of his projects. The group had some experience using SketchUp, which is a 3-D modeling program that Greg uses, and could appreciate all the detail in his models.

Juergen explained drawings with civil engineering and land surveying information and brought the group to a job site. This was a great opportunity for these students to see how information in drawings is translated to a real world project.