Missing Link Pilot Project provides full-scale mockup to test street design

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It’s always a good idea to test something before you buy it. Test driving a car is a no-brainer. Putting a few miles on a new pair of running shoes before race day is also a good idea. What if it were possible to test the design of an entire infrastructure project before it was constructed? That’s exactly what’s happening in Alexandria, MN, right now. Continue reading “Missing Link Pilot Project provides full-scale mockup to test street design”

Widseth Smith Nolting welcomes Strong to environmental department

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Staff News - Paul Strong

Widseth Smith Nolting recently welcomed Paul Strong to its Brainerd environmental team. He has a bachelor of science in natural resources and environmental sciences from the University of Illinois and a master of science in environmental engineering from the University of California. Continue reading “Widseth Smith Nolting welcomes Strong to environmental department”

Widseth Smith Nolting’s Palcich earns LS license

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Staff News - Tony Palcich

Widseth Smith Nolting’s Tony Palcich has passed the exams and met the education and experience requirements necessary to become a registered professional land surveyor in Minnesota. Licensure is granted by the Minnesota Board of Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Geoscience, and Interior Design. Continue reading “Widseth Smith Nolting’s Palcich earns LS license”

Thompson School Addition Concept Animation

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Video animations are an excellent way for school districts to communicate design intent to staff, students, and the community. Watch WSN’s concept unfold for this rural North Dakota school district’s proposed addition project. In just two-and-a-half-minutes, viewers are treated to a unique experience as they learn about the project.

August’s featured project on your WSN calendar: Fosston Inspiration Trail

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Fosston Trail

Built over a former landfill and encompassing multiple wetlands, the Fosston Inspiration Trail (FIT) accommodates walking, biking, and snowshoeing. Trail users enjoy an array of flora and fauna throughout the diverse types of wetlands and wildlife habitats. At just over one mile long, the trail provides a solid anchor connecting the existing sidewalk, wood boardwalk, softball complex, natural play space, cemetery, school, fitness center, and future additional trails.

Need bread? Try TED. Your infrastructure project could receive up to $10 million.

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TED Funding

The Transportation Economic Development (TED) program is designed to help governments obtain money for highway improvement and public infrastructure projects. Here’s what you need to know about the program.  Continue reading “Need bread? Try TED. Your infrastructure project could receive up to $10 million.”