Age Integration is New Trend in Senior Living Centers

It’s never easy for people to move from their beloved homes to a senior living community. A new trend, which is making residents happier and more engaged, is emerging in senior living communities—creating multi-generational spaces and programming.

Valley Memorial Homes, a senior living non-profit in Grand Forks, ND, wanted to try something unique at its 4000 Valley Square location. The idea was to remodel part of the community to house a local Head Start program, which would bring positive energy to the environment. Various multi-generational activities with the kids could be a way to keep the residents more active and engaged.

Valley Memorial Homes contacted long-time partner WSN to help figure out the best strategy for a remodel. WSN has worked closely with Valley Memorial Homes for the past 16 years, with commitment to the changing needs of the residents. The two worked together to create a step-by-step plan to develop the best solution for an improved senior living community:

  • WSN evaluated the available space at 4000 Valley Square to develop an appropriate layout.
  • Valley Memorial Homes came up with a list of project needs for their community, and WSN developed various classroom layouts for review.
  • After several meetings with Valley Memorial Homes and Head Start, WSN developed a working floor plan.
  • WSN researched child care facility needs, child ADA standards, and state requirements for long term care communities to ensure everyone’s needs would be met.
  • Final drawings were completed, and WSN worked closely with contractors to complete the project on time.

The project has been a huge success. Thanks to the unique collaboration of Valley Memorial Homes and the Head Start program, the senior living community accommodates new activities for all ages including exercise classes, crafts, baking, music, sing-alongs, and more. In addition, engagement with the Grand Forks community increased as families visit 4000 Valley Square daily. The best part of the remodel is providing opportunities for multiple generations to build relationships and pass on traditions.

Contact WSN’s Alicia Fadley if your facility could use an uplifting remodel to improve the quality of life for your residents.