ADA Transition Plans Now Required to be Eligible for Federal Funding

Your local agency is required to have an ADA Transition Plan completed by September 30, 2020. You may have heard from your district state aid engineer about this requirement. The FHWA Minnesota Division has asked MnDOT State Aid to provide an update on the status of ADA Transition Plans for all MSAS cities and counties.

We have experts who can help you through this process. Our team will walk you through the system and prepare a Transition Plan, so you are ready for the September 2020 deadline.

We have successfully prepared Transition Plans for the cities of Alexandria, Baxter, and Bemidji, and the counties of Todd, Grant, and Morrison. To help you comply with federal regulations and be eligible for funding, we would work with you on the following:

  • Complete a self-evaluation/survey of all pedestrian facilities located within the city/county right-of-way. Facilities include all trails, sidewalks, and pedestrian crossings. The self-evaluation process will include a picture of each facility and a review of the facility for compliance with ADA requirements.
  • Develop a database of all facilities that is compatible with the City’s GIS system.
  • Create a draft Transition Plan based on available templates.
  • Review draft Transition Plan with city staff.
  • Develop a public outreach program and materials.
    • This may include a public meeting, associated handouts, and exhibits as well as materials that could be made available in public spaces and online.
  • Finalize the Transition Plan and provide the city/county with electronic copies of all project deliverables.

Let us help you prepare your ADA Transition Plan, so you don’t miss out on federal funding.

Contact Civil Engineer Kirsten Plath, PE, to get started on your ADA Transition Plan today.