Mills Fleet Farm (Hermantown, MN)

THE DIRT PILE SERIES features six videos of the Mills Fleet Farm Hermantown store. Watch each episode to learn more about the services provided by WSN and discover what was involved in the development of the 40-acre site. 


Episode 1 — Site & Utilities

Experience a large construction project in a whole new way. (7:45)

Episode 2 — Building Shell

Make way for precast and steel. Widseth Smith Nolting's architects and engineers explain what's involved during this critical stage of the project. (6:08)

Episode 3 — Planning & Design

Understanding what a client wants and needs is critical to a successful project. We listen closely to our clients from the earliest stages of planning and design to ensure their specific goals and expectations are realized. Our team guides owners through every phase of the project, ensuring that design, function, and efficiency are optimized as the building and site come to life. (5:52)

Episode 4 — Interiors

In this episode WSN’s project managers Andy Pickar and Mike Fish explain some of the interior details. Store manager Paul Erickson weighs in on his favorite design features and stresses the importance of having an onsite project manager. (4:12)

Episode 5 — Public Infrastructure

In this episode Hermantown City Administrator John Mulder explains the public infrastructure components involved with the development of the Fleet Farm site. (3:50)

Episode 6 — Opening Day

In this episode opening day customers, Fleet Farm employees, Mills management, and WSN staff share their thoughts about the project. (3:23)